Case Study of the Performance of Large Horsepower Four Stroke Lean Burn Engine Drives Used in TGP Horsepower Replacement Project
Gas transmission companies often look to replace antiquated and/or inefficient compressor drivers along their system. This paper presents a case study of the actual performance of engine drives installed at main-line transmission stations to replace antiquated engine/compressors. In this case, the chosen option was a large horsepower (typically 8,000 HP each) four-strong lean burn natural gas engine driving a separable reciprocating compressor. The project involves six engine drive compressor units with site ratings from 7525 to 7700 horsepower that have been in operation since 2001. The paper will review the expected performance and reliability that was considered in the selection of the equipment. Actual performance of the units will be presented along with Operations approach to achieving and maintaining performance and reliability. The importance of effective vendor support in achieving the expected performance is also covered.
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