Compressor Station Ancillary Equipment: Know What You Are Buying, Package
Compressor station design engineers and other design professionals are usually “systems” designers. These professionals design, specify and procure equipment that is engineered and fabricated by others. This course will address the basics of some of the ancillary equipment required to create a natural gas compressor station. This will help the designer to make more informed decisions. The equipment covered in Part 1 will be Natural Gas Separation Equipment, Aerial Coolers and Intake Air Systems. The basic areas covered for each type of equipment are the following: What (is in the pipeline; are you cooling; is in the air), types and/or designs available and their applications, fabrication parameters, specifying your equipment, and analyzing your options. Successful completion of the course will allow design personnel to create more detailed specification sheets and to better analyze the proposals received from suppliers.
Price: 195.00