Deploying Next Generation Two-Stroke Cycle Pipeline Engine Controls Today: A Case Study
This case study describes the successful deployment of industry funded “Next Generation Two-Stroke Cycle Pipeline Engine Control Strategies” at a representative pipeline compressor station on a typical pipeline compressor engine. The Advanced Two-Stroke Cycle Specification previously developed by AETC for the PRCI was used as a template for developing a control system upgrade at Southern California Gas Company's Newberry Springs compressor station. The project discussed in this case study demonstrates that these innovative control strategies can be intelligently integrated into a robust stand along engine automation and control platform that cost effectively maintains emissions compliance while maximizing engine efficiency. This case study will review the project history and then highlight pertinent control and monitoring software detail as well as hardware, installation, and commissioning specifics. Finally, this paper will summarize the emissions control effectiveness of the technology by presenting “before and after” snapshots of the subject engine exhaust emissions.
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