Development of an FTIR Continuous Emission Monitor (CEM) for Accurate Engine & Turbine Emission Monitoring
With the establishment of EPA Method 320 for both engine and turbine stack testing requirements on regulated IC engines and combustion turbines, the regulatory demand (also via Compliance Assurance Monitoring or CAM) for continuous monitoring of HAP species is expected to grow. This paper reports development of a FTIR CEM system for engines and turbines that meets or exceeds the U.S. EPA's Performance Specification 15 for FTIR CEMs of stationary sources. Some of the advantages of FTIR CEMs, such as significantly reduced calibration gas requirements, no on-site calibration requirement, multiple species monitoring with one instrument, high accuracy measurement of conventional species, spectral data archival for later analysis or other species among others will be discussed. Related topics will include reported problems with conventional NOx analyzers and concerns with calibration gas standard calibration with such instrumentation, and remote system control and data access via various communication protocols.
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