Compressor Operations Management Expert Tool with Sarbanes Oxley Compliance
In today’s competitive energy marketplace, companies need the tools to give them information for capital decisions, accurate regulatory reporting, comprehensive asset analysis, and data for efficient operations. The Compressor Operations, data Management and Expert reporting Tool, COMET, gives El Paso Pipeline the resources to achieve these goals and the ability to supply this data to everyone in the company for their use. Whether it is Environmental running EPA reports, Planning modeling the pipeline, Operations running reliability studies or upper management allocating O&M dollars, COMET is the central repository for the information they need to make their decisions and meet regulatory requirements. Some of the applications for COMET in regard to gas compression machinery issues are: all engine data like the unit size, (Hp), capacity, (Mmscf) load, (unloaders, cylinders, rods), heat rates and hours operated on every compression and non-compression unit is included in the database; this data is used to model the pipeline for capacity sales; this data is used to determine what impact any engine change like adding unloaders bore a cylinder or adding a turbocharger will have on the performance by using a “What if” scenario. The latest program additions include the tracking of emissions with an environmental database of emissions factors. Data is automatically uploaded to all of the Environmental Emission reports. The program resides on a server that is accessible to all registered users. Users are assigned a security level depending on their job description. For example, a station operator cannot change any emission factors, and an Environmental specialist cannot change any engine performance data, yet they both can see operating data and unit running status. The operating and performance data ares used to run reliability studies and to create and manage work orders directly from the program. Innovative reports track missing fuel and data integrity. Blowdowns and lost
Price: 195.00