API Specifications Review for Gas Turbine Driven Turbocompressors
This tutorial will provide an overview of the latest editions of American Petroleum Institute (API) Codes API 613, 614, 616, 617, 670, 671, and 677 as they apply to gas turbine driven compressors. Critical sections of the codes will be discussed in detail with a special focus on their technical interpretation and relevance for the purchasing scope-of-supply comparison, machine testing, and field operation. Technical compliance issues for package, core engine, instrumentation, and driven compressor will be addressed individually. As the API 616 and 617 data sheets form the backbone for most oil and gas machinery acquisitions, they will be covered in detail. Some recommendations for acceptance of manufacturer exceptions to API and the technical/commercial implications will be provided. A brief discussion of the relevance of NFPA 70 to gas turbine driven compressor sets in oil and gas applications will be included. The perspective on API specifications and codes from a gas turbine and compressor manufacturer will also be presented. This tutorial course is intended for purchasing, operating, and engineering staff of turbomachinery use companies.
Price: 195.00