Development of an Integrated Electric Motor Compression System
The Inline Electric Motor Drive Compressor (IEMDC) compression system is a uniquely integrated electric motor and compressor combination designed for natural gas pipeline service. The system will be driven by a high-speed, 10 MW induction motor supported on magnetic bearings and powered by a 200 Hz variable frequency drive. A single stage centrifugal compressor impeller is attached to the motor shaft resulting in an integrated compression system. This compression system is highly flexible and efficient and provides low capital expenditure and life cycle cost. It can be quickly ramped up on the pipeline to supply gas during times of peak demands or on a continuous basis. In addition to the low cost, the proposed IEMDC design will also mitigate critical concerns to the gas industry such as environmental, regulatory, and maintenance that are associated with gas fueled driven compression equipment. The IEMDC concept discussed represents a revolutionary advance in electric compression system that addresses the primary requirements of the natural gas industry for an efficient, reliable, and cost effective package. This paper discusses these merits along with a description of the development process of the motor and compressor.
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