Basic Engine & Compressor Analysis 2008
The objective of this course is to discuss the use of portable analysis equipment to determine the mechanical condition and performance characteristics on different types of two- and four-cycle engines and reciprocating compressors. The course is designed for engineers, analysts, and personnel who work with reciprocating machinery maintenance, reliability, and optimization. The course will include: a brief review of 2-stroke and 4-stroke engine theory; potential engine faults and the purpose of analysis; explanation of engine measurements (ignition, pressure, vibration, ultrasonic, spectrum/FFT); explanation of engine data, plots and reports; engine case studies; a brief review of compressor theory; potential compressor faults and the purpose of analysis; explanation of compressor measurements (pressure, vibration, ultrasonic, proximity, spectrum/FFT); explanation of compressor data, plots and reports; compressor case studies.
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