Can You Hear Me Now? Compressor Station Noise: What Is It; Where Is It and How Do I Get Rid of it?
Abatement of noise is becoming a very integral and costly part of natural gas compressor station design. Many times, noise issues and their abatement costs can be a determining factor in whether a site is economically feasible. It is one form of pollution that resistant land owners can target because they know how sensitive Federal Regulators and the courts can be to the issue. We need to install facilities for the public good, but we also need to be sensitive to community needs. With noise sources from intake and exhaust systems, casing noise, piping noise, regulation, measurement, blowdowns, hydraulics, fans, etc. how do we put all this together to determine these costs in the budgeting phase instead of afterthe- fact? How do we design to minimize these costs? The areas covered in this short course will include the following: noise basics; noise sources in a natural gas compressor station; regulations; noise abatement equipment and techniques-pros and cons. Successful completion of this course will give design professionals a better idea of how noise will impact their design, how noise abatement needs will impact the cost of the facilities and how to address compressor station noise issues in the design phase and reduce construction costs.
Price: 195.00