Compressed Air Systems for Natural Gas Compressor Stations
As a complement to previous short courses on compressor station ancillary equipment, this course will address the basics of a compressed air system in a natural gas compressor station. While it is usually considered a minor utility in a compressor station, compressed air systems play a vital role in the reliability of a station. Without starting air and turbocharger jet assist, some stations cannot be brought on line. Stations with pneumatic ESD systems will shut down if the air system is not designed appropriately – or may not be able to shut down – depending on the type of system used. Clean dry air for instrument air or buffer air for turbine dry gas seals are equally important. And, of course, the need for air to operate power tools is always nice to have at a compressor station. The areas to be covered in this short course will be: (1) Basic understanding of the dynamics of compressed air; (2) Uses for air in a natural gas compressor station; (3) Typical equipment for a compressed air system; (3) Equipment layout for a compressed air system. Successful completion of the course will allow design personnel to create more detailed specification sheets, better analyze the proposals and track down problems in a natural gas compressor station system.
Price: 195.00