Delivering Asset Reliability, Increased Throughput & Reduced O&M Costs with an Enterprise Infrastructure for Managing Time-Series Data & Events: A MichCon Case Study
Analogous to the way our industry’s physical energy infrastructure enables natural gas flow from source to consumer, a software infrastructure for managing time-series data and events enables information delivery from a pipeline company’s asset base to its business. In an era of $8 gas, increasing compliance complexity and pressure to increase reliability and throughput, gas pipeline companies are looking to bridge the gap that exists between their process automation systems and their business decision and reporting systems. Companies like MichCon are meeting these challenges by mastering the collection, storage, presentation and analysis of high-fidelity fleet performance data through the application of massively scalable industrial data management software. This paper examines the 2008 deployment of Enterprise class historian software at one MichCon compressor station and at their Gas Control headquarters. The system was used to continuously record and store operating data from nearly every piece of station equipment in real-time, including compressor engines and auxiliaries, dehy, flow measurement and gas quality measurement systems. The same software was used to record and store operating data from SCADA and other critical pipeline applications at Gas Control headquarters. Access to this asset data was provided across the organization using desktop and web based tools to drive MichCon energy management, asset optimization, reliability, and compliance initiatives. The paper will include an examination of specific improvements to pipeline operations that were a direct result of the project.
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