Case Study of the Installation & Performance of a Large Horsepower, High-Speed, Gas Engine Driven, Separable Compressor at AGL Jefferson Island
In order to provide for flexible operations with an increase in the demand for natural gas storage, AGL Resources needed to expand the throughput of their Jefferson Island Hub & Storage facility. Of the options available, AGL elected to use a high-speed, reciprocating, separable compressor driven by an 8,000 bhp 4- cycle, lean-burn natural gas engine. This case study will review the project requirements and the design considerations for the installation of the major equipment and process piping. Unlike most other previous large horsepower, separable engine/compressor installations, the engine and compressor were directly mounted to the foundation at the Jefferson Island site. In addition to installation design, this paper will present how actual performance compared to the targeted performance of the engine compressor system from the perspectives of power, efficiency, emissions, and vibration. Lessons learned during the design, installation, commissioning, and from day-to-day operations will be shared.
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