Application Guideline for Centrifugal Compressor Surge Control System
This guideline was developed through research funding provided by the Gas Machinery Research Council and industry co-funding from BP and Exxon Mobil. The intent behind the development of the guideline is to provide an objective viewpoint on the design requirements and functionality of a centrifugal compressor surge control system. Within the natural gas industry, many different philosophies govern the design of surge control system, including designing for surge prevention, designing for limited surge occurrence under specific “low energy” conditions (based on previous experience), risk-based evaluation of surge control systems (based on a set of risk criteria), and design based on the predictions of transient models (using the results of a transient model to assure adequate protection of the compressor through the surge control system performance). All of these methods are acceptable depending on the installation and provided that the disadvantages of each philosophy are recognized. This guideline does not attempt to prescribe a specific philosophy, but instead to present the necessary information required to make the most suitable choice for the operating company, manufacturer, or designer.
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