Assessment of the Benefits of On Board Diagnostics (OBD) and Diagnostic Monitoring When Applied to Pipeline Engines
Pipeline engines fitted with modern automation and control systems serve as ideal candidates for On Board Diagnostics (OBD) and Diagnostic Monitoring (DM). OBD is very effective for real time performance monitoring, pollution prevention and safety monitoring in the engine room. Diagnostic Monitoring (DM) extends the capabilities of OBD by using extensive historical data to characterize unit specific characteristics thereby dealing with engines as individuals. OBD and DM would support the younger, less specialized, work force entering the industry. These workers already possess well developed skills for accessing information from computers, microprocessors and networks. If presented with faults and procedures, not just symptoms, along with measures of performance at suitable portals this workforce could investigate and resolve problems as quickly as their more expert predecessors. Using OBD to demonstrate emissions compliance offers the opportunity to substantially reduce the cost of monitoring in comparison with quantitative systems like PEMS or CEMS. In support of this effort the pipeline industry should sponsor the development of standardized codes similar to the automotive industry. Recognizing this opportunity, PRCI has funded several OBD/DM related projects (10). This paper reviews the results to date of the second, “Demonstration of Advanced Engine and Compressor Diagnostics”. This project’s goal is to demonstrate the ability to automatically detect and flag a fault then provide the local operator with sufficient diagnosis so they can implement appropriate remedial action. The work to date has focused on the development of a methodology to support real-time multiparameter analysis and crosscheck of engine data to quickly, accurately and precisely diagnose engine faults. The methodology uses a spreadsheet interface in combination with Mean Value Engine Models and an analytic table to perform the diagnosis. AETC then developed a playback simulator to replay data
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