A Compression Rental Company's experience with the CAT® G3508B LE Engine
This paper presents one company’s experience with the G3508B LE engine in its North American gas compression rental fleet. Several different perspectives are presented from various roles within the compression rental company as well as the engine manufacturer. The engine manufacturer’s perspective, as told by the development engineer, includes the design, development and manufacture of the engine itself. The rental company’s perspective is presented by the corporate sales manager and the manager of operations. The rental company’s perspective includes the marketing drivers that generate the demand for the power node and capabilities required of the engine as well as the process to integrate the engine into the entire compressor package. The integration includes the design, retrofit, commissioning, field validation and subsequent operational experiences and challenges in continuous gas gathering compression service. The North American Natural Gas Industry drives very competitive rental rates especially in gas gathering. This rental fleet company provides rental packages ranging 18 to 1775 horsepower. The G3508B LE engine fills a needed power node and its power density, reliability, emissions capabilities, and attractive maintenance costs make it well suited for the highly competitive rental market. The driving force behind the design and development of the G3508B LE engine is ever increasing air quality emissions regulations. The G3508B LE is capable of achieving NOx emissions levels of 0.5 g/bhp-hr. This level is below the current federal New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) for stationary reciprocating internal combustion engines found in 40 CFR 60 Subpart JJJJ which requires new engines to meet a NOx level of 1.0 g/bhp-hr. However, there are already areas within North America that have emissions requirements that are lower than the national standard. Arguably, the most notable, is the Dallas-Fort Worth non-attainment area in Texas. The Dallas-Fort Worth non-att
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