A Recommended Approach to Piping Flexibility Studies to Avoid Compressor System Integrity Risk
Reciprocating compressors are often packaged on a skid including the piping, vessels, and other equipment necessary for the particular application. The company packaging the compressor must interface the package pipe connections with the plant yard piping. The plant yard piping is often designed by, and the responsibility of, a different engineering company. The interface, or skid edge connection, is the point at which the engineering company and compressor packager define their limit of responsibility. A common industry practice for piping flexibility studies is for the packager and yard pipe designer to limit or restrict their analysis to only the piping within scope of their supply. Limiting the pipe flexibility analysis at the skid edge connection will limit the accuracy of the analysis. This paper will provide a description of typical design practices as well as the recommended design approach for a compressor pipe flexibility study.
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