Automation & Modernization of Two (2) Cooper Bessemer Z16-330s
Michigan Consolidated determined in 2000 that the reliability and efficiency of their two Cooper Bessemer Z16-330s at their Belle River Compressor Station required significant improvement in order to meet the forecasted operating demands over the next few years. It was determined that the existing proprietary OEM control system and other on-unit hardware would need to be replaced and updated to provide Michigan Consolidated with the capability to meet their markets and customers reliability, safety and efficiency demands. These two units are utilized for both transmission and storage service. Prior to the hardware and control system face-lift the units had never been capable of automatically starting, stopping and operating from a push of a button. Upon the completion of this project, the reciprocating engine/compressors, totaling over 10,000 horsepower each, are capable of reliably and safely starting, stopping and operating from a push of a button and also follow control set points entered by the operators.
Price: 195.00