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A growing global politic of environmental stewardship and acknowledgement of industrialization’s impact and contribution to pollution can be termed as “carbon consciousness”. Despite the acceptance or agreement of such sentiment, such public persuasion has a definite impact on current and future environmental regulation. In addition to compliance and permitting activity, discussions of a proportional tax related to carbon or a system of “cap and trade” are being considered. Now more than ever, an accurate portrayal of industry’s contribution to the carbon footprint is vital to the process. The need for “environmental intelligence” and a benchmarking process is evident and is vital to the mutual interest of all of industry and the very public, political process. The entire AIRS/AFS record set of the EPA has been cataloged and collected into a database. The database has further been supplemented by four-digit SIC code in order to determine industry participation by individual record. Additional data available from state agencies increases the resolution of process, along with other federal data from agencies other than the EPA such as the DOE. This independent, credible, third party data then becomes the basis for the presentation of “environmental intelligence”. The resulting facilities can be organized by Air Major, Air Synthetic Minor, Air Minor and their relationship to hazardous air pollutants. Furthermore, the relationship to criteria pollutant non-attainment is also represented.
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