Comparison of Field Vibration Data with “EFRC Guidelines for Vibrations in Reciprocating Compressor Systems”
The R&D group of the EFRC has developed recently a guideline for vibrations in reciprocating compressor systems. This guideline includes many years of experience and knowledge of engineers who are working in the field of rotating machinery. The worldwide acceptance of such a guideline will increase when it is proven that the values from this guideline are realistic. Many reciprocating compressors are installed at the chemical plant of BASF in Ludwigshafen in Germany, ranging from low to high power consumption compressors, fixed and variable speed compressors from different manufacturers and from very old to very new. For that reason BASF had the opportunity to measure the vibration levels for all of these compressors under various operation conditions which can be compared with the levels of the EFRC Guidelines. From the measured vibration data it can be concluded that all measured levels fits extremely well within the different levels of the EFRC Guidelines. This paper will give a summary of the project and the measured vibration data.
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