A Lively Discussion: How You Can Save Money on Gas Engine Lube Oil
Operations and maintenance budgets are tight in the gas industry today. Equipment must run, even unattended, for extended periods without operator intervention or breakdown. Operational considerations and locally available talent prevent much preventive maintenance work on gas engines and compressors. Too much oil gums up valves, makes a mess and wastes precious O&M dollars. Gas machinery operators must operators must operate with fewer dollars than in previous years, but at the same or even greater op tempo. Management has taken a “zero-based” approach to cost savings. The Gold theory on lubricating oil (A little oil is a good thing, so more oil is better) has been replaced with the Income Tax Theory: you pay what you must, but not a penny more. Considerable savings are possible but you must have a good lubrication oil flow rate reduction program in place. Other gas operators have demonstrated similar savings. We plan to have three industry reps discuss their programs and successes. There will be an opportunity for questions. This topic is controversial in many companies so we anticipate much lively discussion.
Price: 195.00