A Proposed Consensus Document for Torsional Vibration Analysis of High Speed Reciprocating Compressor Installations
This paper presents a document prepared in cooperation with the GMRC and eight contributing companies. These include a leading compressor OEM, a leading packager, a leading motor and VFD supplier, two gas production companies, a gas gathering company, and two gas transmission companies. The document is intended to define important elements of torsional vibration analysis for a high-speed compressor installation; it addresses the risks associated with not performing a torsional analysis and recommends various practices that can help reduce the chance or torsional problems in the installation. The document covers modeling, natural frequency analysis, excitations to consider, predictions of stress and coupling torque in response to excitations, transient analyses such as start-up and shutdown, and cumulative fatigue analysis. The paper summarizes the content of this document and illustrates the various analyses recommended.
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