An Experimental Assessment of the G8.3E Engine and Catalyst Emissions Performance
As part of the G8.3E engine and catalyst development program, Cummins and Cummins Emissions Solutions performed an 8,000 hour field test on a gas compression application. Cummins worked with Johnson-Matthey, the catalyst manufacturer, to install a number of core segments in the new catalyst. These 25mm core segments were removed periodically and analyzed for NOx, CO and HC conversion efficiency at several space velocities and gas temperatures. Contaminant loading measurements were also taken, along with catalyst effective area. Engine oil consumption was mapped over the engine operating range to correlate with in-house test data. Reduction of data showed a significant change in catalyst conversion efficiency over time that correlated with the increase in oil-related deposits on the surface of the catalyst core. As expected, the spatial distribution of these deposits from the front to the rear of the catalyst showed significantly higher levels of deposits at the front of the catalyst core as compared to the rear. Flow distribution across the face of the catalyst, as measured by sampled deposit loading, was fairly uniform and correlated well with the computational fluid dynamics model.
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