Design and Field Test of a Full Scale Performance Augmentation Network (PAN)
Previous GMC papers have tracked research over the past eight years that has explored the development of reciprocating compressor suction and discharge systems with tuned performance augmentation networks (PANs). They reported the results of computer simulation studies, lab testing, and field testing of PAN systems. Simulations and actual tests confirmed that properly configured PANs were effective in controlling compressor pulsations with very little system pressure loss, while simultaneously augmenting the compressor efficiency and flow output. With involvement and major funding assistance from the GMRC and other companies, the authorsÂ’ companies have cooperated to apply a PAN system to a new 1360 bhp, 1400 rpm reciprocating gas engine compressor package. The package is installed and ready for testing at WilliamsÂ’ Zick (N.E. Pennsylvania) station. This paper describes the PAN configuration and the extensive simulation based PAN modelling, design process, and mechanical analysis, presenting predicted performance over a wide range of operating conditions. It also describes the details of the extensive test program that will compare experimental field test results (pulsation, pressure drop, power, flow and efficiency) for the new PAN package and an existing bottle-equipped package operating in parallel at the same compressor station. Due to project schedule delays, the field test results will be reported in a later paper.
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