Baseline Testing Provides Opportunities for Continuous Improvement
Shell Canada recently commissioned a large 200 Mscf/d gas plant located in northeastern British Columbia, Canada. The Saturn 1 project included the design, construction, and commissioning of five electric drive 6500 hp KBZ/6 compressor packages. This is the second large scale facility installed in the region and includes a number of improvements from the previous facilities. Improvements were also later applied to the Sundance Compressor/Dehy station that has 1680 hp JGK/4 and 840 hp JGK/2 compressors. ShellÂ’s continuous improvement initiative balances the reliability and integrity objectives with the capital and operating cost impacts, as well as practical design and operating impacts. The goal of this paper is to provide insights and opinions from the experiences gained through these continuous improvement initiatives. The issues and improvements are presented in the following sections: 1. Baseline Testing Approaches 2. Piping Tolerances, Fit-up and Field Connections 3. Managing Resonance 4. Compressor Skid Mounting 5. Small Bore Connections to Suction Scrubbers 6. Suction Pressure Differential Measurements 7. Main Piping and Support Design By examining the results of the baseline vibration testing and past compressor installations, Shell has identified a number of reliability/integrity improvement opportunities for reciprocating compressor packages. This paper outlines these issues, ideas for improvements, and lessons learned.
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