Electric Compression – “Gaining Power”
The new and increasingly utilized option of electric-powered compression on natural gas pipelines and storage facilities will be discussed. Gas and electric partnerships have been gaining momentum at a growing pace over the past few years and many pipeline/storage companies are not only looking to electric compression for a lower overall cost of operation, but for the optionality it can provide. The course begins with a description of electric compression and the benefits it holds over gas-fired compression. It will then move to an explanation of the optimal conditions for using electric compression and will include a description of how electric compression will or will not, in some cases, benefit from continued deregulation. The course will discuss how electric compression is viewed by the power industry, particularly the utilities that provide the power for the compression. Finally, the course will briefly describe the different types of equipment existing in current electric compression applications. This section will focus on the equipment and its uses, not the manufacturers of the equipment.
Price: 195.00