Centrifugal Compression Machinery For Wet Natural Gas Applications: Preliminary Performance Measurements And A Scheme To Recover Lost Performance
This gives an introduction in respect to proper foundation design of reciprocating compressors, gas-engines and the auxiliary equipment. Reciprocating compressors and gas engines are found in many industries including gas, oil and petrochemical production, transmission and storage. Operationally they generate very large gas and inertia forces. Their mounting systems must manage and transmit weight loads, vertical and horizontal gas and inertia loads, vertical anchor bolt forces, and the forces of thermal growth. The effectiveness and integrity of their installation is therefore crucial. This paper addresses the best practices related to installation techniques, component design, and materials used in the mounting of large reciprocating compressors and gas-engines including: • Equipment Preparation • Foundation & Mat • Anchor Bolts & Sleeves • Grouting & Chocking Furthermore case studies will be shown how degrading foundation after years of operation were successfully repaired and upgraded.
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